Friday, December 18th, 2020
New Wawa in Westampton made $1,000 donations to the Township Police and Fire Departments.Both agencies requested to have the donations made to Local 3091’s Sean Anderson Foundation.Your generosi...
Wednesday, December 16th, 2020
We’d like to remind everyone as the winter weather approaches that if you have a fire hydrant out front or near your home to keep it clear! Fire grows rapidly, and searching for a hydrant could ...


The Burlington County Professional Firefighters Association Local 3091, of the International Association of Fire Fighters, represents Career FireFighters, Officers, and Emergency Medical Technicians of Burlington County, New Jersey.


Mission Statement:
We seek to promote a harmonious and progressive work environment between employers and employees, in order to better serve the citizens of Burlington County, New Jersey, whom we have sworn to protect.

Representing the Firefighter's, Fire Officer's, Fire Marshal's of 

MedfordWestamptonWillingboro, Cinnaminson, Florence, Burlington County FMOBordentown Township,  Burlington Township and Chesterfield Township.

In addition, the Emergency Medical Technicians of Medford, Mount LaurelBordentown, North Hanover and Willingboro.


Any Suggestions or Concerns please contact





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